Contracts, Consumer Rights and Finances

All about your contract, consumer and financial rights in Canada.

You are not satisfied with the repairs done to your car? The table you bought online is not the color you thought? You want to file a complaint against a bank? You made a verbal agreement with your neighbor but now he is not respecting it? Do you want to review your credit rating? What will happen if you declare bankruptcy?


The Ontario Legal Information Centre can help you understand the laws and rules that apply to your day-to-day transactions, the recourse you have as a consumer, or any other matter related to consumer law, contracts and finances in Ontario.

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The Ontario Legal Information Centre

The Centre offers a free 30-minute meeting with a lawyer to any Ontario resident or any person faced with a legal issue in Ontario.

The Centre’s services are confidential and offered in person or by telephone, in French and in English. There are no admissibility criteria. A person can visit the Centre more than one time depending on their needs.

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