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Please note that the Center will be closed on Friday, July 20th for staff training.

Commissioning of Affidavits

An affidavit is a document that contains facts and information promised to be true by the person making it. An affidavit can confirm the veracity of facts and can be submitted as evidence.

Affidavits are used in many different contexts, such as family law or small claims matters. An affidavit may also be required in other circumstances to establish a legal right or to make an administrative request with the government. Your affidavit must be signed before a commissioner for taking affidavits.

The Legal Information Centre offers a free meeting with a commissioner for taking affidavits to sign your affidavit. However, the Centre does not draft affidavits and does not provide any legal advice on its content.

Notary Public Services

A notary public has the power to verify that signatures, marks and copies of documents are true or genuine. You may be required to use notary public services when preparing an administrative application with the government, with a professional body or another institution.

The Legal Information Centre offers free notary public services. Please note that the Centre does not witness the signing of a separation agreement, a will, a power of attorney or of a contract.

Please come to the Centre in person with your documents along with two pieces of valid identification documents to get these services free of charge.

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